Last Update: 12/28/2001


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Menu Manager LITE

Brief Description:

Welcome to the quickest and easiest menuing system out there: Menu Manager LITE! This program will allow you to define up to 30 buttons per page and nine pages per MML file. Each button can have it's own hotkey, color, and possibly a special attribute (such as "Goto Page #"). Each Page can have its own foreground/background colors and predefined button colors. The page data file/number can be passed on the command line, which will allow you to execute Menu Manager LITE at a specific page. A MUST for all DOS users!

MM LITE Screen Shot

Features in Menu Manager LITE v1.1c (4/7/98)

  • FULL Mouse Support
  • Executes any program size because MML unloads itself before executing
  • Fast code
  • Nice TUI (Text User Interface) graphics and ease of use
  • Ability to set Page, Supervisor, and Exit passwords
  • And after all that, still FREEWARE!

I'm sold! Lemme Download it now!