Last Update: 12/28/2001



LORD Player Deleter

Brief Description:

This program is real simple. It removes all of the "deleted players" from your LORD PLAYER.DAT file. I think the reason Seth didn't make this part of his Player Editor was because he didn't want to mess with renaming the mail files (it's a little tricky). But.... here's the utility to do it for you, and it's FREE! I have seen utilities that do this same task, but I can't seem to find them anymore (they were also kinda buggy). Guess what: This DOC file is about half the size of the program!

Features in LORD Player Deleter v1.0 (4/12/97)

  • Written in Turbo Pascal
  • Fast code
  • As with most Lazor Software titles, FREEWARE!

I'm sold! Lemme Download it now!