Last Update: 12/28/2001



Card Game Beta

Brief Description:

This is a card game that my girlfriend was playing one day, and it looked interesting. So, being the type of person that I am, I decided to write the same game, since I had never seen it before. It's pretty simple to follow. You can click "Help" to see a brief help screen. I do not know the name of this card game, so it's just called Card Game for now. If anyone knows the name, please let me know!

Features in Card Game Beta (8/13/99):

  • Written Borland C++ Builder 4.0
  • Keeps track of statistics like wins, loses, streaks, etc
  • Uses familiar card designs :)
  • And, as with most Lazor Software, it's FREEWARE!

I'm sold! Lemme Download it now!