Last Update: 09/28/2003



Emulator Movies

If you wish to send me a copy of your recorded emulator movies, feel free to do so, but please follow the guidelines below to make my job easier. :) Unless this site becomes very big, I don't plan on writing an automated backend script to handle everything.

  • You must include the following information for a movie:

    Your Name/Handle
    ROM Name - This must be the name assigned by the GoodXXXX utils, if that system has it.
    Emulator used (including version)
    What you did - What does this movie show you accomplishing?
    Any additional files - This includes cheat files, hacks, etc. that are need to show your movie.

  • Include the above information in a .txt file with the same name as the ROM name. Then ZIP all of the files into on ZIP.

  • Send the ZIP file to the address below and I will post it as soon as possible (if it's acceptable).